Espen Slettnes

I am a homeschooled high school junior enrolled in Stanford Online High School. Since sixth grade, I've also been concurrently enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley, taking mathematics, physics, and economics courses. I am also a staff member of the UC Berkeley-affiliated Berkeley Math Circle (BMC). Since 2018, I've been an instructor for its advanced group, teaching collegiate math topics to talented high school students. In 2020, I began problem writing for its monthly proof-based contests, and I am now the BMC monthly contest organizer.

I am also an avid student researcher at the MIT PRIMES-USA internship program. My work from the past few years mainly was in combinatorics such as game theory, graph theory, and learning algorithms. My current research focus is in symmetric tensor categories, which encompass the key properties of representation categories of group schemes.

When I am not exploring math, you can find me coding various projects, improvising on the piano, playing hidden-role games with friends, or jumping on a trampoline.

My past research projects include:

Selected awards and recognitions: